Sitemap - 2020 - "Play It Like It's Music" by Trevor Exter

A not-business-as-usual post

"Try not to have any shame about what you do"

"To sing is to pray"

"It's irresistible to me, I wouldn't want it any other way"

"It's all for something"

"It's always a peak life experience"

"I love creating something that wasn't there"

"The best way to express myself, and to understand the world"

"I love to blame it on inspiration"

"Experience is important, listening is important"

"It's in me naturally. When I talk, I'm talking Music"

"It sings the songs of our life"

"I can always be learning"

"I don't think I've ever not been able to make music"

"Music helps me keep my sanity"

"It's the most therapeutic tool I have"

"It fills a void... it's emotionally working things out"

"The consistency and the showing up" + our New Playlist

"Vibration is at the heart of the universe"

Episode 50 breather.

"It's in my bones"

"I love the feeling of it"

"I don't remember ever being without it"

"It makes me feel the most like myself"

"It's the same as breathing oxygen."

"There's so much that only music can say"

"When you put it out, that love is there."

"There's a tenacity that it takes to do this."

"It actually makes me feel good."

"I know I'm not the only person to benefit from it"

"I make music because I haven't lost hope"

"I make music because I have something to say"

"I wish I weren't number 1, I'd like to be number 10"

"The thing I was born to do" + time travel with Carmen McRae

"To touch the heart, that's the goal"

"The best feeling in the world"

"Be prepared to live in a state of uncertainty"

"Don't die trying to sound like someone else"

"It's just what I do."

"This is the revolutionary thing I can do right now"

"Anger as a turbo boost"

"Burn everything except the truth"

"I just burn to make music"

"Pros can smell a dumpster fire a mile away..."

"Know your why" + In Memoriam

"It's about feelings!"

"The person who says 'yes!' and knows I'll figure it out... that's the professional."

"Make A Thing, Make It Nice!"

“I live my life as a gigantic middle finger to my medical condition”

"I would much rather have the milkman at my concert."

Play It Like It's Music 020: Ann Courtney