May 1, 2019 • 4M

With You

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Purists may whine that the best days of music are behind us, that capital “M” music has seen its peak and is no longer relevant. But here at Play It Like It's Music we believe the opposite: not only is the act of musicmaking an essential life skill with a lineage stretching back to the beginnings of human history, but the vocation of the professional musician is more vital today than it ever has been. Once a month, join musician, songwriter and producer Trevor Exter as he drops in on working musicians from every genre.
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Today has been a day of cranking things out. Thus: a bit tardy.

  1. A new sung song of mine you may not have heard.

  2. Nostalgia for the future.

  3. Triplets from Brazil, animated and beautifully sung.

[Cellos must relax! Lie down, little cello.]


When I hear good gypsy jazz I get flooded with nostalgia for a time I never knew. Good music does that: it makes us time travel.

90’s hip hop will forever be 90’s hiphop, especially for those who experienced it in person. But if the music is made right, you can be from any “time” and still experience nostalgia.

When I hear a good Irish or Argentine musician I get filled with longing, usually for some heartful link to a past that’s foreign to me. But other kinds of music make me feel different things:

Billie Eilish makes me wish I were a lot younger and way more talented and connected.

Bach makes me wish I were more religious.

Louis Armstrong makes me wish I played trumpet.

And all the best, most imaginative music makes me feel one other, totally delightful thing: nostalgia for the future.

For what we’ll be making.




Brazilians don’t play a lot of triplets,

But when they do? Wow. Oh and they sure can animate too:

I’d never heard of Tulipa Ruiz before, but apparently she’s massive on the scene. I now stand informed, and so can you.

Thank you for reading and subscribing.

I appreciate you. Enjoy spring!

Love your ears,





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