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springtime travels

springtime travels

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[I did not buy this shirt at the sample sale. Vegas can wait.]

springtime travels

I don't know about you, but I have to go places in order to find myself in music.

The music in my head just doesn't make sense to me until I bounce it off some other ears in other places.

Touring helps, once you have an invitation to go play somewhere. But before that, what do you do?

Listen to all the different records that you can.

Check this out:

My house has been weird for a while because I have a stack of records on the shelf and no record player. Thanks to New York real estate and the miracle of technology, I take out the record to look at and play it on spotify, no joke. It’s got everything except that essence.

Before, I felt freedom of movement because I had records. I still do. But while a record collection can be a burden, the phone is more of a leash than I want to admit.

That's one drag about digital. Musical objects will always be physical instruments and records.

They have a smell and a history just like you, sounds in your phone can only point at it.

I remember certain records just jumped off the shelf when I was young and getting the bug. Others didn't, but their presence gave me a sense of context, something to navigate.

  • I found out I had to go to Brazil, not just dream of it.

  • I found out Chinese folk music didn't really speak to me.

  • I learned the history of the Beatles. Bach was to the left of them on the shelf, Brahms to the right.

I swear those Beatles records smelled different. More sweat and cigarettes on them.

And the Brazilian ones definitely had sunshine.

Time to put one on.




something curated:

Cute, gentle phobias! 2 minutes, and I really admire the sound design in this one. Try headphones:

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"Play It Like It's Music" by Trevor Exter
Play It Like It's Music
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