Oct 23, 2019 • 3M


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Purists may whine that the best days of music are behind us, that capital “M” music has seen its peak and is no longer relevant. But here at Play It Like It's Music we believe the opposite: not only is the act of musicmaking an essential life skill with a lineage stretching back to the beginnings of human history, but the vocation of the professional musician is more vital today than it ever has been. Once a month, join musician, songwriter and producer Trevor Exter as he drops in on working musicians from every genre.
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Good day to you. In this edition:

  1. Some full-throat legato bowing, something I’m trying to get better at. [press play]

  2. Control vs. Participation

  3. A thread from a big head

As a cello player I constantly navigate on a spectrum between control and flailing: at either extreme there’s no music, but plenty can be found in the tension between them. Among my arms, digits, bow hair and strings there are a multitude of variables. We combine and adjust to find what works.

As a musician, I’m moving on another spectrum too: the one between participation and isolation. We can make all the sounds we want, but if there’s no one to play with or for, then the music can stagnate.

When I’m practicing or working in my studio I enjoy a near-total level of control, but if I don’t release music in the world then I get no participation. If I don’t go out and play (less control) then no one will benefit from my work (more isolation).

And it only begins there: some performances can be incredibly isolating in reality. Studio sessions can also be profoundly graceful and intimate.

A fresh formula has to be found every time.

But if you see the space for what it is, you can live in it forever.

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Big love to your ears.

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