"Play It Like It's Music" by Trevor Exter
Play It Like It's Music
¿Que és hip?

¿Que és hip?

Beautiful day in New York today. In this edition:

  1. A little melody.

  2. An oldie swipe.

  3. An awesome invitation for the cellists.

[I promise I’m just keeping an eye on the group here. Not trying to look colonial or anything.]

What is hip?

Classic song, timeless message. Except maybe for the word "hip".

But I propose that the older that word gets, the better (as in hipper) it gets.

Because it was always pointing to the slipperiest, most ephemeral thing.

Hipness has always been for the kids, who think they can hide from their own unexpressed fear of death and obscurity behind an endless string of new words.

I was more lost than hip when I was young. I thought I wanted hipness (maybe by some other name I can’t remember), but it was worthiness, participation and delight I wanted.

Things much less slippery.





Meet me in Vermont!

This is Eugene Friesen, a hero of mine since childhood and you can see why. The guy burns it down on the cello in all kinds of ways:

I just surprised myself by signing up to attend his Creative Cello Workshop in Vermont next month, and apparently it surprised him too. He wrote, "You're an accomplished solo artist already, what are you hoping to get from the weekend?" and I replied that "with all that I’ve been up to musically and production-wise, I have not been as connected to other cellists as I want to be."

Seriously, I’ve been wanting to tear myself away and come up there for a while. So I'm gonna do it. If you are a cellist, come join in!

I didn't bend his ear at length inre my deeper emotional/spiritual reasons for wanting to gather in community with creative cellists, as they are likely similar to all of ours. I've had a lot going on as usual, and the cello remains my steadiest friend through it all.

Read more here and sign up if you want to come join us!

Thank you for reading and subscribing.

I appreciate you.

Big love to your ears,





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"Play It Like It's Music" by Trevor Exter
Play It Like It's Music
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